Justin Bieber to Fans: You Guys Are Cheering Way Too Loud

When you’re one of the biggest living pop stars on the globe, life comes at you fast. Yes, there are millions of dollars at your diposal. Sure, you’re literally living your dream. But what does that all mean if you can’t be heard?

I would imagine this is how tropical house founder (jk), Justin Bieber feels. Mr. Fuckboy Extraordinaire has had a long history of losing his cool in front of his fans. In his defense, there are a bit loca.

However, Justin Bieber has tipped the line between overexposed celebrity and class A jerkoff for quite some time. For years I’ve even defended him, but homeboy has truly lost it this time.

In the video below, you’ll see pastor Bieber attempt to drop a testimony on his Manchester fans. Little did the Canadian spazz know, fans only want to hear him if he’s singing.

One some level, I would like to sympathize with the kid. I mean, it must be hard when people scream everywhere you go. I can’t imagine what his ear doctor thinks of all this.

What do you think? Is Bieber’s outburst understandable, or has he completely lost it? You be the judge!

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


New Frank, Same Ocean

By Chris McPherson

Well it’s safe to say that 2013 is the year of Frank. Hot off the tails of releasing a album in the top 10 on Billboard, and winning two Grammys, homeboy is on top of the world.

Courtesy of entertainxthis.wordpress.com

Courtesy of entertainxthis.wordpress.com

Although much of his media buzz stemmed from his coming out story, there is no question that Ocean has the talent to back it all up. Especially in his newly leaked track, Eyes like Sky.

Although this is a leak, it has not been confirmed when this song was recorded. If recorded recently, I would definitely think this is a glimpse into upcoming music to come for Ocean. The guitar strummed song is somewhat of a turn in direction for Ocean as an artist. A musician who has been universally praised for having such a unique musical style, I was a bit surprised at how main stream the song felt.

This could have easily been sung by Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, or any other male pop/R&B vocalist. I always saw Ocean to be in his own world when it came to his music, but, we all have to make money some how, and radio- friendly music is the fastest way to the bank.

I for one am excited to hear more. I’m a shameless slave to pop and mainstream top 40 music, so sing on Frank, sing on.