What Does Ciara’s Return Mean for R&B?

Her Goodies were once kept safe in a jar, but now they’re Super Turnt Up. Continue reading What Does Ciara’s Return Mean for R&B?


Beyonce Keeps it Simple

In my nightly scan of the blogosphere I find millions of things. Unreleased songs with promise that never see the light of day, the newest sliver of juicy details celebrity gossip (FYI: Miley and Liam are now sleeping in different rooms—so sad), and a megastorm of new images. Last night, I came across an interesting photo of Beyoncé that I really liked. Here’s why. Continue reading Beyonce Keeps it Simple

Give the Future the Finger

People have sudden realizations every day. Overeaters decide to put down the donuts and pick up the dumbbells. Smokers take a pass on the puff. And some people find God, or some other higher being. Those epiphanies probably all start from different triggers. The overeater may have had a hard time fitting into his favorite pair of skinny jeans, the smoker could have just seen a clip of a lung cancer patient on a new NYQuits commercial, and the new believer could have just survived a near- death experience. Just like those hypothetical scenarios, I, too, recently found a new view on the world. Not exactly a near death-experience, but a minor injury recently opened my eyes. Continue reading Give the Future the Finger