If you like Sia or Katy Perry, this new song will blow you away

We live in a world where hip-hop is dominating, but pop could be making a comeback in a big way. Artists like Katy Perry and Sia have been working hard in the studio. While we wait on their pop greatness to arrive, a new singer-songwriter is ready to take the game by storm.

“Tests” is a soaring pop ballad that confesses the end of a relationship. Singer, Chris Mac, proclaims that there’s nothing his lover can do to repair the relationship. They can’t pass his tests. Have you ever dated someone so fussy? Ha!

Chris delivers a passionate vocal and lyrically the song is pretty relatable. We’ve all been at a point where we wanted to end something but couldn’t articulate why, whether that was a relationship or just a bad date.

We can’t wait to hear more from Chris Mac. Listen below.


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