Oh Hey, it’s Kanye

By Chris McPherson

Besides, eating half my weight in Alfredo pasta, and procrastinating my homework, the Kardashians filled a large void in my life on Sunday night. We are well into another season of the Armenian franchise’s Miami based tv spin off, and boy is it a whirlwind. But something has been missing this season.


Yes, they’ve covered the daily scripted drama and paper thin story lines that seem to resolve themselves in an hour, but this week, E! delivered a special surprise. Kanye West himself, best known as Kimmy K’s soon-to-be baby daddy, made a guest appearance on the reality TV show. Although I haven’t been counting, West hasn’t made too many appearances on his hubby’s hit series and I for one was wondering what was going on. Was he not a fan of the cameras? Was love on the rocks? The network even tried to fool us into thinking that him and Kim were having a deep heart to heart over the phone as she paced back and forth outside her hotel a couple episodes back. I wasn’t buying.

Last night, West enjoyed a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant with Kim, Kourtney and the funniest toddler on television, Mason. Could this be a sign we will be seeing Mr. West a little more? Who knows?

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